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More Information:

Online Application

 The Application Process: 
    1. Fill out the online application.
    2. Mail the $50 application fee with a check, money order, or use the spaces provided in the online application for Visa or Master Card.
    3. Request your high school and college transcripts to be sent to Covenant Bible Institute.
    4. Email or mail a recent photo.  Be sure to include your name and social security number.  Pictures will not be returned.
    5. Email or mail a one-page testimony of your spiritual journey. 
    6. Your application will be reviewed when all applicable documentation has been received.  You will be notified of the decision by mail.

The Mailing Address:

Covenant Bible Institute

Attn: Admissions Office

304 Grady Street, P.O. Box 399

Portal, Georgia 30450


The Email Address:






Undergraduate Program Entrance Requirements


Entrance requirement for all undergraduate programs is a High School Diploma or General Education Diploma (GED).


Life Experience


Life experience is a valid educational medium.  Therefore, the students may apply for up to thirty (30) semester hours of Life Experience Credits.  The Life Experience Credit form must be filled out with the help of the Student Advisor and will be evaluated by the Academic Deanís office.  Life Experience Credits are subject to the usual tuition costs.


A maximum of nine (9) Life Experience Credit Hours may be awarded at the graduate level.  Should Life Experience Credits be awarded at the undergraduate level, none will be awarded at the graduate level.  No Life Experience Credits will be awarded at the post-graduate level.


Transfer Credits


Previously earned college credits will be evaluated for transfer to Covenant Bible Institute.  High school and college transcripts must be submitted in the application process.  Acceptable credits will be applied to the studentís program of study.  Since CBI is committed to the development of marketplace ministers, our transfer policy reflects high regard for previously earned Credit Hours.




Any course or program may be audited.  No examinations will be given or grades recorded for an audited course.  If a student does not require college credit, auditing may be the answer.  An audited course may not be submitted for credit at a later date.  The course tuition for the appropriate course credit must be paid and the course taken again, along with applicable examinations and course projects.


Grading System


Grades and quality points are assigned as follows:




Grade Points 

90 - 100% 


80 - 89% 


70 - 79%


60 - 69% 



0 - 59% 








Graded Examinations


Graded examinations will not be returned to the student.  A grade form will be mailed to the student upon completion of the final examination.


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