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All faculty members of Covenant Bible Institute have earned degrees from accredited universities and seminaries and/or are currently enrolled in study and research.  Many courses are taught by visiting faculty from across the USA and several foreign countries, providing a well-balanced program of study.  The resident faculty is available to assist in the educational process of the student.



Board of Directors


Billy Allen Kay C. Anderson, B.S., M.Ed. 

Statesboro, Georgia


Statesboro, Georgia


Emil A. Biendara, Jr. Richard E. Bird, B.B.A., M.B.A. 

San Diego, California 


Portal, Georgia


Amy Lawson, B.S., *M.Min.  G.A. Malone, B.S. 

St. Simons, Georgia


Statesboro, Georgia


Linda A. Reddick, B.Min.  M. Lynn Reddick, M.Div., Th.M., D.Min., Ph.D.

Portal, Georgia


Portal, Georgia 


Gail M. Webb, C.Min., *B.Min.   

Sylvania, Georgia





The Administration


M. Lynn Reddick, M.Div., Th.M., D.Min., Ph.D. Timothy C. Mather, B.S., Th.M., Th.D.



Vice President for Academic Affairs 


L. Thomas Graves, A.Div., B. Min., *M.Min. Linda A. Reddick, B.Min. 

Vice President for Administration 


Vice President for Student Services 


Mira L. Barrett, B.A., M.Div.   

Vice President for Campus Development





The Staff


D. Jean Graves, A.Min., *B.Min. Patricia E. Green, A.Min., *B.Min. 



Assistant for Administration 


Kathleen D. Mather, A.S., B.A., M.Min., *D.Min.  Donnie S. Barrett, B.S., *M.Min. 

Administrative Assistant for Academic Affairs 


Administrative Assistant for Campus Development


Lewis Butler, *B.Min. Lutwinder Butler, A.Min., *B.Min. 

Student Recruiting 


Student Recruiting


Kevin H. Trim, A.S., A.S., *B.Min. Heather A. Trim, A.S., *B.Min. 

Network Administrator









            Alice F. Aud

                        B.A., Georgia Southern University

                        M.R.E., Southern Seminary

                        Ed.S., Lincoln Memorial University


Mira L. Barrett (Georgia)

                        B.A., Asbury College

                        M.Div., Asbury Theological Seminary


            Thomas Beale (Maryland)

                        B.A., Hampton University

                        M.B.S., Harvest Christian College


            Karen Beale (Maryland)

                        B.A., Spelman College


            Herman Bouwhuizen (The Netherlands)

                        B.A., Christian Life School of Theology

                        Th.M., Christian Life School of Theology


            Betsy Bouwhuizen (The Netherlands)

                        B.A., University of South Florida

                        M.Ed., Augusta State University


            Steve D. Coyle (Georgia)

                        B.A., LeTourneau University

                        B.R.E., Temple Baptist Theological Seminary

                        Th.M., Covington Theological Seminary

                        D.Min., Covington Theological Seminary

                        Th.D., Covington Theological Seminary


F. Clifford Denton (England)

                        D.Phil., Cambridge University


            N.A. (Tony) Dale (Texas)

                        M.B., B.S., Barts Hospital, London


            Felicity M. Dale (Texas)

                        M.B., B.S., Barts Hospital, London


             Carolyn Driver (Georgia)

                        B.S., Memphis State University

                        M.Ed., West Georgia College

                        *Ph.D., University of South Africa


            Joey Fennell (Georgia)

                        B.S., Georgia Southern University

                        M.Div., McAfee School of Theology


            Suzette K. Lambert (Florida)

                        B.A., Northwest College

                        M.A., Pacific Lutheran University


            Timothy C. Mather (Georgia)

                        B.S., Lee University

                        Th.M., Covenant Bible Institute

                        Th.D., Covenant Bible Institute


            Kathleen D. Mather (Georgia)

                        A.S., Corning Community College

                        B.S., Oral Roberts University

                        M.Min., Covenant Bible Institute

                        *D.Min., Covenant Bible Institute 


            Murli Menon (India)

                        M.Div., Union Biblical Seminary, Pune, India

                        M.A., University of Mysore, India

                        *Ph.D., University of Mysore


M. Lynn Reddick (Georgia)

                        B.A., Mercer University

                        M.Div., Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

                        Th.M., Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

                        D.Min., Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

                        Ph.D., International Seminary


Linda A. Reddick (Georgia)

                        Mercer University, College of Charleston, Western Piedmont College

                        B.Min., Covenant Bible Institute


James H. Rutz (Colorado)

                        B.A., San Francisco University

                        M.A., San Francisco University


            Garry L. Skutt

                        A.S. Detroit College of Business

                        B.Th., Christian Life School of Theology

                        *Th.M., Covenant Bible Institute                                                          


    *Degree in Progress



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