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SM 505           Embracing Change in Your Life                   

Change is something we tend to resist, and more so as we get older and more cemented in our ways. This course gives some fresh insights on the positive value of being adaptable and able to accept and actually welcome changes in our lives.


SM 509           Biography

Journey with David Aikman as his research provides extraordinary insight into the lives of six great individuals who have changed the 20th century by their works and their personal examples. The student will be challenged by the moral and spiritual excellence of these six great souls.


SM 511           Open Church Principles

This course explores various ways of meeting in an open or interactive meeting: who leads, how participation is achieved, how problems are handled, and the role of children.


SM 512           Megashift

This course is a baptism into the most radical of current church lifestyles around the world, one that strives to dovetail with other moves of God, yet goes well beyond the reforms of the 16th century and revivals of the 18th century, both of which retained the Roman Catholic power structures and sharp limitations on laity which remain today.  This open or team Christianity is the ultimate example of lay empowerment, every-member participation, responsible discipleship, and freedom from oppressive, post-biblical traditions.


SM 513           Marketplace Ministry

This course will challenge the student to develop a deeper understanding of marketplace ministry and become better equipped to fulfill his or her ministry in the world each day.


SM 514           The Way Church Ought to Be

This is a course that examines restoration of the New Testament Church using apostolic principles centered through relationships and home life. Indeed, church in the home is the way church ought to be.


SM 518           World Missions

This study of world evangelism examines biblical examples of missions in action and helps the student find his or her place in Godís worldwide plan. The strengths and weaknesses of contemporary missiology are explored.


SS 525             Prophetic Ministry

This course examines the role of prophecy in the church today and encourages everyone to prophesy. Students are equipped to teach and model prophecy in small groups.


SS 527             Dream Interpretation

The interpretation of dreams and visions is an essential part of the called out oneís life and ministry.  This course equips the student to understand how Father speaks through dreams and visions and how to put it to use.


SS 530             Prophetic Deliverance (on-campus only)

The ultimate result of a life in Christ is freedom and deliverance from bondage. This course focuses on demonic oppression and bondage, presents a caring, biblical approach to wholeness using the gifts of the Holy Spirit and proven counseling techniques.                 


SS 531             Deliverance Apprentice Program

Once a student has completed SS 530 Deliverance Ministry, an invitation will be extended to attend a deliverance weekend and train by joining an actual deliverance team.


SS 532             Angelology

This comprehensive course is about spiritual intelligence; shedding light on who the Enemy is and who he is not.  Spiritual Warfare deals with the spirit realm and how that impacts our daily lives.


SS 535             Divine Healing

This course is designed to acquaint the student with the history of the Healing Movement and its lasting effects upon the church.  Healing will be presented as a practical part of the ministry in the open/house church setting.


SS 536             The Apostolic

Students need to understand how the five-fold ministries work in conjunction with one another.  Special attention will be given to the five-fold ministries at work in the open/house church movement.


SS 538             The Miraculous

Rather than being the exception, signs, wonders, and miracles will be presented as normal Christianity in this course.  The history of such phenomena will be examined in order that the student develop the expectation that Father is still performing signs, wonders, and miracles today.


SS 540             The Inner Self

A specific journey must be undertaken to recover from pre-Christian life into abundant living in Christ. The student will be challenged to examine his or her own walk with Christ while preparing to minister in the area of personal ministry to others in the open/house church setting. This course is essential for such leaders and those assisting others in personal care.         


BS 550            Survey of the Old Testament

The textbook examines the Old Testament from a conservative theological position, dealing with difficult subjects of canonicity, historicity, inspiration, textual problems, and higher criticism. Specific issues in each book of the Old Testament are examined. 

BS 551            Survey of the New Testament

This analytic and historical survey sets forth the message of the New Testament against a fully integrated picture of the world of the first century. The author gives a survey of the social, political, economic, and religious background of the New Testament period. Each NT book is examined according to context and content.


BS 552            Systematic Theology

An overview of Bible doctrine and Christian experience is given in this course. The student will begin to shape his or her theology in a systematic manner.


SM 553           Essentials of Evangelical Theology

This course defines, clarifies, and explores the meaning of key theological topics such as God, authority, and salvation. The second volume by Dr. Bloesch examines the meaning of life, ministry, and hope.


BS 554            Archaeology

The student will discover how archeological excavations and artifacts support the history and culture recounted in the books of the Old and New Testament. Excavation fundamentals and methodology are examined as they bear on Scripture.


BS 555            Biblical Customs

This fascinating study of biblical geography and culture will greatly improve the studentís understanding of Godís Word.  Since the Bible was written in a culture and land vastly different from our contemporary Western mindset, it is essential that the student understand biblical manners and customs and make relevant application.


BS 556            Church History

The Story of Christianity examines the people, events, and ideas that shaped church history. Unique to this study is the attention given to major events such as the Spanish and Portuguese conquest of the New World. The second portion of the textbook covers the Protestant Reformation to the present.


BS 557            Covenant Community

Godís overarching purpose revealed in Scripture is to bring together both Jew and Gentile as the One New Man (John 17). This process is about biblical covenant, a process examined in this course. From the biblical basis of covenant, issues of integrity and loyalty in relationships are studied.


BS 558            Hebraic Heritage

This course explores the Jewish roots of Christianity and of Jesus. It also examines the Jewish background of the New Testament during the 400 years prior to the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. The student will gain a greater understanding of Intertestamental Judaism and how this periodóits literature and institutionsóled up to the development of Christianity.


BS 560            Torah Studies                                                            

Torah Studies examines the major themes of the Bible presented in the first five books of the Bible. This course make the assertion that every theme in the entire Bible is first presented in the Torah. The student will learn how to walk closer with God through a balanced study of His written Word.


BS 571            Greek Word Studies

Introduction to Greek is designed to teach the Greek alphabet and a limited vocabulary to make the study of Greek grammar purposeful and enjoyable.


BS 572            Hebrew Word Studies

The student will learn the Hebrew alphabet, preliminary vowel signs, and some Jewish culture. The course is designed to teach word studies using a concordance and Hebrew lexicon.


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