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SM 605           Life Quest
This course is an in-depth study of the meaning of life as presented by varying philosophies and religious perspectives. The student will be tasked with presenting his/her personal philosophy of life in response to those presented by the required textbooks. 

SM 607          The Blessing
In this practical course the student will discover the power of speaking blessings into other people¹s lives, to remove major obstacles that block blessings and discover a road map that will unlock an inheritance today.

SM 608           Walking With God

What does it really mean to walk with God eachday? How is it possible to listen to and speak with the invisible God? Studentswill gain a better understanding of these issues and deepen their walk withFather God.


SM 609           Small Group Dynamics

An examination of current church structures is made with emphasis on small group dynamics as they relate to our techno-urban society. Students will experience small group life during class meetings on campus and/or via the internet.       


SM 611           House Church Principles

The house church is a small group of diverse people, who meet in homes to pray, eat, sing, study, and share their lives. This course examines the house church as a “basic Christian community.”                                                      


SM 619           Ministry Project or Dissertation, and Oral Defense

A student must complete a dissertation or project in ministry that he or she will defend before a panel of students and faculty.                                                     


SS 638             Miracle Living

Rather than being the exception, signs, wonders, and miracles will be presented as normal Christianity in this course.  The history of such phenomena will be examined in order that the students develop the expectation that Father is still performing signs, wonders, and miracles today.


SS 643             Leadership Development

Church leadership in several different types of gatherings—traditional, open, house, small group—is studied in this course. The student will be challenged to face and resolve inner issues that affect his or her leadership skills.       


SS 647             Interpersonal Relationships

Stress management, crisis intervention, and social interaction are the foci of this course. 


SS 632             The Spirit World

This study delves into the spirit realm of both light and darkness—the kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan. The student will discover his or her authority in each realm of the spirit world and grapple with present reality.


BS 650            Theology of the Old Testament

Major themes in the Old Testament are examined in light of their relevance for the student today. Through this course the student will form a way of thinking that shapes a way of living.


BS 651            Theology of the New Testament

This is a study of basic doctrines of the Christian Faith as seen through the pages of the New Testament. The intent of this course is to help the student shape a lifestyle consistent with New Testament thought.


BS 652            Systematic Theology

On the doctoral level, the graduate student must be able to organize his or her beliefs systematically consistent with biblical thought and be able to articulate these beliefs in an offensive or defensive manner.


BS 667           First John
This course is a comprehensive study of the book of I John.  It may be the most important book on the subject of Christian life and relationships.


BS 671            Greek (I or II)

Greek I is a basic introduction to the alphabet, vowels, tenses, etc. of the New Testament Greek language. Greek II is a short grammar of New Testament Greek for students familiar with the elements of basic Greek. The student will develop a small powerful Greek word vocabulary.       


BS 672          Hebrew Word Studies (I or II)
Hebrew I focuses upon the Hebrew alphabet, vowel sign information and some Jewish culture. Hebrew II gives the student a reading knowledge of the Hebrew language. By the end of the course the student will be able to translate the entire book of Ruth.


BS 673            Apologetics                                                                            

A defense of the origin and authority of Christianity is made as the student grapples with his or her personal belief system.

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