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The Central Campus of Covenant Bible Institute is in Portal, Georgia, a small town an hourís drive from Savannah and twelve miles from Georgia Southern University in Statesboro.  The Smith Building includes administrative offices and classrooms.  Located just behind the Smith Building is the library, presently under construction.  Plans are for the library to be the heart of the campus.  Located just behind the Smith Building is a complex housing a future bookstore, more offices and classrooms.  The campus is expanding rapidly with the addition of the North Campus consisting of five acres and a 3,000 square foot building.


smith building.png

The Smith Building




Covenant Bible Institute has been given an historic building in Portal that is currently under renovation to become our library, a coffee shop, and computer lab.  Access to the library is available to In-Residence students and, through the mail, for distance education students.  A deposit of $25.00 will be held for distance education student utilizing the library.  This fee will be returned at graduation as all volumes are returned.


     lib 4.png          

The Library Complex (Under Construction)


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