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On-Campus Classes


Regular Classes – Classes are offered on campus one session per week for the duration of the semester.  Semesters are twelve sessions in length.  The class schedule will require three (3) hours per session in classroom hours.


Pack Courses – These courses are offered on a weekend schedule, generally one weekend a month for two successive months.  The typical course schedule will be three classroom hours on Friday evening and all day on Saturday.  Students must complete the study guide and reading assignment prior to class.  The final examination or course project must be completed within two weeks following the final Pack weekend. 


Summer Sprint ClassesOnce during each degree program, On-Campus and Distance Education students are required to attend a one-week course offered on the Portal campus during the summer semester. This requirement allows the student to become personally acquainted with CBI staff, faculty, and student body.



Distance Education Program




All courses, unless otherwise specified, may be taken through our Distance Education program.  All fees and tuition are the same as for Residence students except for an additional $10.00 registration fee.  A student may begin a Distance Education Course at any time.  A course should be completed in four (4) months from the time the course materials are mailed out from CBI.  Another four (4) month extension may be given at no cost.  A second four (4) month extension may be granted for a fee of $20.00 per course.  No further extensions will be granted after (12) twelve months.  After twelve months, an Incomplete will be given and the student must register and pay the tuition again for any course designated Incomplete.  Distance Education Program students may apply at any time and must complete the course(s) within the allotted time-frame.


All Distance Education Program students are required to travel to Portal for a one-week Residence course once during the degree program.  These Summer Sprint courses are required for graduation from CBI.


Course Packet 


Course Packets for Distance Education courses contain all pertinent material for the course, including course manuals and textbooks.  Prices for Course Manuals and textbooks may change without notice.  The cost of each course packet appears on the Course Order Form.



Combination Schedules


Students may choose to attend some On-Campus classes and to take other classes through Distance Education.  Any combination of these formats may be utilized to complete the student’s course of study.



Examination Proctoring



Most Covenant Bible Institute undergraduate Distance Education courses include at least one examination.  Examinations must be supervised by an approved proctor.  The student must submit the name and address of his/her proctor to the Academic Dean for approval before requesting an examination.  An examination may not be requested until two (2) weeks after enrollment in a course.  Final examinations may not be requested until two (2) weeks following the Mid-term examination.


The student must choose and make arrangements for an educational professional with the proper credentials (i.e., a school principal, school/college teacher, or school/college counselor) to serve as a proctor for all examinations through CBI.


The examination will be sent to the proctor.  The student must arrange a time when the proctor may administer the examination.  The proctor must open the examination in the presence of the student, and it must be taken in the presence of the proctor.  Once completed, the proctor must fill out the Proctor Verification Form included with the examination and send both the completed form and the examination to the CBI office.


CBI reserves the right to reject any proctor.  No relative may proctor the examination regardless of position, title, or academic qualifications.


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